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Today, we use dietary supplements (Vitamins) to improve almost everything in our daily living, from sports performance, to better memory, to even our sex lives! Yet when we want to get a nice, dark tan we do nothing but lay in the sun or tanning salon and expect our body to do the rest. But tanning, like any other physical function, depends on a series of bio-chemical processes: without the proper nutrients present, your body will not be as efficient in the production of Melanin, the dark pigment the body produces in response to UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) and as a result tans your skin. But Melanin does not appear out of nowhere. It is synthesized by the body from an aminoacid called Tyrosine, and the degree that you tan depends on your body’s supply of Tyrosine and your skin cell's ability to process it into the pigment Melanin. This is where TAN AID® comes in!

TAN AID® Tanning Supplements are all-natural VITAMINS formulated to address the body's natural tanning process. Formulated with 13 different vitamins, minerals, and aminoacids, TAN AID® provides the specific dietary nutrients required during the natural tanning process, so your body has the proper dietary base for maximum Melanin production, safely and naturally. The result? A quicker, darker tan!


TAN AID® works by addressing the specific dietary requirements during the tanning process. The specialized formula provides not only Tyrosine, for Melanin synthesis, but also all of the crucial vitamin co-factors used during the creation of the pigment Melanin, boosting your body's natural tanning process, resulting in a quicker, darker tan.

contains NO artificial dyes such as  Canthaxanthin or Beta-Carotene! Any product which contains those artificial dyes do nothing but color the skin orange- stay away from them. If you want a natural tan, created by your own body, only TAN AID® can help you achieve it, because it works with your body's natural tanning process. Each of the ingredients in TAN AID® is all-natural, and used by the body during the tanning process. The natural ingredients in TAN AID® per two capsules are:

             Tyrosine....400mg: aminoacid which converts to pigment Melanin.

             Vitamin E...50 IU: essential for healthy skin, Melanogenesis.

             Copper...1 mg: helps synthesize both Collagen and Tyrosine.

             Vitamin C...150 mg: promotes maintenance of connective tissue.

             B-Complex...150mg: assists in metabolism of amino-acids.

             Folic Acid...0.5 mg: needed for the conversion of Tyrosine.

             Inositol...5 mg: required for formation of cell membranes.

             C. Bitartrate...25 mg: used during Tyrosine synthesis.



TAN AID® is used in conjunction with your normal tanning activities at the beach or tanning salon (UVR exposure required). DIRECTIONS FOR USE: take two capsules, twice a day, beginning the day before tanning, until one day or more after tanning. That's it! TAN AID® does the rest, by providing the "raw" materials used by the body during Melanin production. TAN AID® is not a "sunless tanner"; it is an all-natural dietary supplement- the tan you get is your own!


he tanning process occurs during the production of Melanin. This is the body's natural sunblock, produced by specialized skin cells called Melanocytes in response to exposure to  UVR. Melanin , in turn, is synthesized from the aminoacid Tyrosine.

Once Tyrosine is synthesized into Melanin, the resulting pigment rises upward to the uppermost levels of the Epidermis where it encapsulates individual skin cells, resulting in what we know as a "tan". This natural process is the body's automatic response to UVR; it is the body's way of protecting itself. In doing so it imparts our skin that golden, bronze color we all love! And the more Melanin your body produces the better protected you will be, and the better tan you will get. TAN AID® is fuel for your tan!


Yes! Tanning under lamps (whether high or low pressure, stand up or lay-down bed) stimulates Melanin production in the skin much the same way UVR from the sun does. In fact, some tanners prefer tanning in a salon, since they are able the control the exact amount of UVR exposure. By using TAN AID® Tanning Supplements while tanning in your salon you will guarantee your body is fully prepared for maximum Melanin production, resulting in a deeper and darker tan. Try it and you'll see!


Yes! Tyrosine is also the precursor of the neurotransmitter Dopamine, which regulates the pleasure centers in the brain and influences good mood, the ability to fight stress, and even sexual libido. In addition, people who are trying to lose weight by diet and exercise,  can benefit from Tyrosine supplementation since increased Dopamine levels can create  feelings of well-being that counteract food cravings. So TAN AID® not only boosts your tan, but also improves your overall mood and energy levels!


Each bottle of TAN AID® is $12.95, plus $3.40 shipping & handling. You can order TAN AID® by clicking on the image below or on the blue "Order" button. This will take you to our eBay site where you can see all our products:


All TAN AID® orders are shipped via USPS in waterproof, tear-proof, Polypropylene padded envelopes so your order arrives safe! In addition, every domestic order includes FREE tracking by USPS Delivery Confirmation®!

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Contraindications for this supplement are:

  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing (always check with your doctor before taking ANY supplements).
  • Do not use if you have a history of skin disorders, Melanoma, etc. (you shouldn't be tanning in the first place!).
  • Do not use if taking MAO inhibitors (a type of anti-deppressant- if taking this you already knew that).


*Important note to customers from Norway: Norwegian Customs does not allow the importation of vitamins (not only our supplements, but any vitamins) therefore we cannot ship our TAN-AID Tanning Supplements product to Norway. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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